logo graphic design

The process for this logo began with the random pulling of numbers 2 and 3 and the task to design an innovative symbol where they function as one. Once the symbol was designed, a fictitious company name was selected and connected to an industry that suited the look and feel of the symbol. With 23 Karat as the company’s name, combinations with the symbol and signature were tested using different typefaces and placements of text. After finalizing the design, a color study was carried out to determine the image of the symbol that best associates with the norms of the jewelry industry.


logo creation

motion graphics





23 Karat business card mockup
23 Karat shopping bag mockup
23 Karat business card mockup
23 Karat business card mockup
23 Karat shopping bag mockup
23 Karat giftbox mockup

Utilizing the new golden logo, I developed a motion sequence to visualize the company’s mission. 23 Karat was designed with a sophisticated consumer in mind that wants the best quality when it comes to their gold jewelry. The short animation communicates that the company’s products are made from quality materials with brilliant craftsmanship. This designer jewelry brand is all about enjoying (and splurging on) the luxurious things in life.

23 karat animation motion graphic