Like any designer, I find inspiration in all things creative. For me, that includes the music playing in the background while I work. Tame Impala’s album, Currents, has remained a staple in my playlist not only for its amazing sound but its surreal album artwork created by Robert Beatty.

In this challenge to bring a still piece of work to life, the most iconic details of the artwork including line, shape, and color played a significant role in telling the story. As an album cover, the art already has so much movement which I intended to translate into the animation. Lines take on the form of guitar strings, masses of color create a wave-like motion, and the recognizable sphere leads as the main character. The familiarity with Tame Impala’s top single, “The Less I Know the Better,” as the opening song draws interest while the abrupt interruption of “Eventually” creates excitement. Timing, matched typography, and color unify the visual design of the motion graphic with the album.


motion graphics