As an individual project, I redesigned two U.S. currency bills to improve the usability and aesthetic of the existing notes. My first alteration began with the orientation of the bill so that it is vertical instead of horizontal since research reveals that people tend to handle notes upright and all machines accept notes vertically. Retaining the same dimensions as the current bills, I faced the challenge of distinguishing each bill while still creating a system that would be consistent across the entire collection. Different colored gradients were utilized as the solution to give each note their own individual identity while still being part of the same family. 

Imagery was also used to reflect the value of each note so that each denomination features a service dog who is connected to American history or culture. An image of the featured service dog is presented on the face of the bill while an image of them with their handler is on the back. The denomination of the bills are in numerical and written form on both sides of the bill in a clean, readable sans serif font. 






Security features include layered textures, a security thread, and a foil finish on the numerical denomination in the upper left of the back of each bill. In addition, certain features of the notes glow when illuminated by ultraviolet light including the security thread and written denominations located on the back.