With my newfound interest of design in film thanks to Annie Atkins, I wanted to attempt my own project on it in hopes of gaining insight into this niche. As an independent study, I strived to design two separate objects that could be a part of the set design for a specific film. With much research, Laika’s animation Coraline provided the best challenge to design pieces with a distinct appearance since it is set in its own fantasy world.


design for film




Since the wallpaper in the film plays a significant role in identifying which world the main character is in, I chose to redesign the wallpaper in one of the rooms of the Pink Palace. The wallpaper features Victorian motifs with designs that are directly related to the film. In the real world, the colors are dull whereas in the Other World, they are vibrant and sometimes have a neon, blacklight effect. To reflect that and complement the current designs, I designed a motif with a dragonflygiven that it is an iconic symbol in the film—in a dingy blue version and its opposite in a blacklight hue.

As a more traditional graphic design option, I decided to design a poster for the iconic jumping mouse circus as the other object. With the same era in mind, I drew inspiration from early circus posters by Barnum & Bailey and other signage already on the set of the film. This greatly influenced the treatment of the type and embellishments on the poster. Additionally, illustrating the character Bobinksy from the film rather than using an image.